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Various Benefits of scrapings for health

Indonesian people are no longer familiar with the term scrapings. This alternative treatment to expel colds, is done by scraping metal onto the surface of the back skin that has been smeared with balm or oil first. Actually, in addition to Indonesia, alternative medicine is also widely practiced in other countries, especially in Asia, such as China and Vietnam. Scrapings in China are known as gua sha, while Vietnamese call them cao gio. Both are equally aiming to expel overcoming colds, aches, and headaches. Take the benefits of scrapings When the body is scraped off, the circulation of soft tissue in the scraped part of the body will be stimulated and blood flow smoothly. In addition, scrapings are believed to improve metabolism and help overcome inflammation that often triggers certain diseases. After scraping, the scraped area will look bruised and reddish in color (petechiae). That area will feel warmer than other body parts, so the body will feel more relaxed. This method i